"Ban the Box Legislation"

/ 18.Apr, 2011
Employers in Philadelphia are now prohibited from requiring job applicants to disclose their criminal backgrounds until after the first employment interview. Signed into law today, the law permits employers to perform a background check or request the disclosure of an applicant’s criminal history after the first interview. This legislation is aimed to prevent discrimination against job applicants with a criminal background before an interview, as there is some evidence to indicate that such hiring practices may have a disparate impact on certain minority groups.  The Fair Criminal Record Screening Standards Ordinance will take effect in 90 days (July 17, 2011). The Ordinance covers any person or company that employs 10 or more persons within the City of Philadelphia and declares it an “unlawful discriminatory practice” for such employer to inquire into or require a person to disclose a criminal conviction in the application process, including before and during the first interview.  If the applicant voluntarily discloses information about his/her criminal convictions at the interview, then the employer may discuss the convictions disclosed. In order to comply, covered employers must revise their applications to ensure the criminal conviction box is banned.  For more information or for any questions, please email Kori Connelly at