The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Declares the IRE Provisions of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Statute Unconstitutional

/ 21.Jun, 2017

WORKERS’ COMP ALERT Re: Protz v. Worker’s Compensation Appeal Board (Derry Area School District) June 20, 2017 The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has declared the IRE . . .

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High Court Reins in Judges on Misconduct Sanctions

/ 24.Apr, 2017

By Andrew Stickler Law360, New York (April 20, 2017, 2:43 PM EDT) — A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision Tuesday setting boundaries on litigation sanctions . . .

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Josh Byrne’s Article on How to be Reinstated as an Attorney published in Legal Intelligencer

/ 04.Apr, 2017

Joshua Byrne, a partner in Swartz Campbell’s professional liability deparment had an article published in The Legal Intelligencer on Monday, March 27, 2017.  The article, titled A . . .

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DB-7’s and Disciplinary Representation

/ 10.Feb, 2017

A lawyer confronted the the threat of discipline should have legal representation. Contact by disciplinary counsel should be treated as serious. A “DB-7” from disciplinary . . .

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Delaware Court Rules That Liquor Liability Exclusion Defeats Coverage For Catering Facility Where Alcohol Is Served By Third Party

/ 28.Dec, 2016

A Delaware Superior Court has held that the Liquor Liability Exclusion of the Commercial General Liability Policy defeats coverage for a negligence claim stemming from . . .

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Cumulative Exposure Opinion in Asbestos Cases and Consolidation

/ 22.Nov, 2016

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued its 4-2 Opinion in Rost v. Ford, holding that the opinion of plaintiffs’ expert, Dr. Arthur Frank, did not violate the . . .

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NJ court rules plaintiffs’ experts’ opinions are inadmissible, grants summary judgment for defendants in two talc cases

/ 06.Sep, 2016

Departing from the rulings of judges in other jurisdictions, a New Jersey court Friday barred the plaintiffs’ causation experts from testifying and entered summary judgment . . .

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New York Court Permits Plaintiffs to Subpoena Financial Information From Potential Experts’ Employer

/ 13.Jul, 2016

By: Eli Granek, Esq.[1] In a recent decision issued in a New York City Asbestos Litigation case, Judge Peter Moulton held that plaintiffs may subpoena . . .

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Genuine Parts Co. v. Cepec: Delaware Supreme Court limits general jurisdiction to corporations that operate in, or have a principal place of business in, Delaware.

/ 28.Apr, 2016

Since it was first published in 2014, the US Supreme Court’s decision in Daimler AG v. Bauman has been reshaping the personal-jurisdiction landscape. Delaware recently . . .

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Superior Court Finds Fraud Exception Does Not Apply to Spousal Communications Privilege

/ 29.Jan, 2016

In Cap Glass, Inc. v. Coffman, 2016 WL 157059 (Pa. Super. Jan. 13, 2016) the Superior Court held the trial court erred in compelling the . . .

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