New Case on Termination Element of Wrongful Use of Civil Proceedings

/ 04.Sep, 2013

The Superior Court in Clausi v. Stuck, 2013 Pa. Super. 222 (Pa. Super. 2013) (underlying opinion here), found where a defamation claim was withdrawn against . . .

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Denial of Professional Liability Coverage for Dishonesty

/ 29.Aug, 2013

A recent case out of the United States District Court for the District of Colorado found, pursuant to the policy’s dishonesty exception, a law firm’s . . .

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Employee Theft and Attorney Responsibility

/ 14.Aug, 2013

Barbara Kaplin, a legal secretary at the Connecticut law firm of Grady & Riley has been charged with stealing more than $1 million from a . . .

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Attorney Misbehavior on This American Life

/ 08.Aug, 2013

The public radio show, This American Life, started out this week with an excellent piece on the human cost of attorney betrayal.  Although Ira Glass . . .

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Nocella Banned for Life

/ 06.Aug, 2013

We have been following the saga of Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Thomas M. Nocella (here, here, and here) since disciplinary charges were filed . . .

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DUI of Lawyer in Bubba the Love Sponge Clem Case is Dropped

/ 02.Aug, 2013

In February of this year, we wrote about the arrest of Tampa Bay attorney Charles Phillip Campbell, Jr. in the middle of a high visibility . . .

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First Reported Disciplinary Action for Sexual Relations with a Client Under Pa. R.P.C. 1.8(j)

/ 01.Aug, 2013

Bucks County attorney, David H. Knight, admitted he accepted oral sex from a client in lieu of a $1,000 fee.  Knight has been suspended from . . .

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New Jersey Judge Suspended After Accusation of Harboring Fugitive

/ 30.Jul, 2013

Middlesex County, New Jersey, Superior Court Judge Carlia Brady admitted she lived with Jason Prontnicki, who pleaded guilty to receiving stolen prescription drug forms, and . . .

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Moving from suspension to disbarment

/ 24.Jul, 2013

On June 19, 2013, William E. Buchko of Beaver County was disbarred retroactive to August 2, 2011.  On November 8, 2010, Mr. Buchko entered a . . .

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Judge Nocella now Suspended Without Pay

/ 26.Jun, 2013

We have previously written about Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Thomas M. Nocella, who is facing disciplinary proceedings for allegedly, among other things, misrepresenting . . .

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