Large Legal Malpractice Claims Rising

/ 14.Jun, 2012

We have previously blawged about the number of legal malpractice claims rising.  The most recent numbers from insurance broker Ames & Gough, as reported in . . .

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Counsel’s Failure to Discover Errors in Production Results in Waiver of Privilege

/ 13.Jun, 2012

On May 30, 2012, the New Jersey district court found that a waiver of privilege had occurred after defense counsel inadvertently disclosed privileged documents in . . .

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Stradley Ronon v. Sovereign Bank (Round Two)

/ 12.Jun, 2012

Last month, Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young filed a declaratory action in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, to put an “end to ongoing and baseless . . .

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And the survey says . . .

/ 06.Jun, 2012

In memory of the late Richard Dawson, we present a compilation of lists of legal malpractice errors.  Most, like the American Bar Association’s, have calendaring issues as . . .

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Sen. Jane Orie Sentenced

/ 04.Jun, 2012

Former State Senator Jane Orie was sentenced today to a prisons sentence of 2 and 1/2 to 10 years on corruption charges.  Legal experts had been . . .

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New York Limits Damages in Criminal Legal Malpractice Cases

/ 04.Jun, 2012

In a unanimous decision last Thursday, the New York Court of appeals ruled that a plaintiff suing his former defense attorney for legal malpractice, cannot . . .

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Revisit the “Error in Judgment” Defense

/ 30.May, 2012

Last year, in Passarelo v. Grumbine, a three judge panel of the Superior Court retroactively applied the 2009 ruling in Pringle v. Rapaport, which banned the . . .

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Interesting opinion on legal malpractice, indemnity, and contribution

/ 25.May, 2012

United States District Judge William W. Caldwell of the Middle District of Pennsylvania issued a 31 page memorandum and order in Kohn et al v. . . .

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Lawyers and Social Media

/ 21.May, 2012

As more lawyers use social media (such as this blog) to promote themselves, or their clients’ interests, greater attention is being paid to the potential . . .

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Where to begin. . .

/ 17.May, 2012

The website has been engaged in battle with a number of Wall Street entities.  Among the most contentious of these battles has been . . .

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