Who Sues Civil Defense Attorneys?

/ 22.Dec, 2014

Swartz Campbell partner, Josh J.T. Byrne, Esquire, has an article in the Legal Intelligencer regarding legal malpractice actions against civil defense attorneys.

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Swartz Campbell Partner Quoted in Article on Professional Liability Insurance

/ 04.Dec, 2014

Swartz Campbell partner, Josh J.T. Byrne, Esquire, is quoted discussing the importance of prompt reporting of claims in a recent Law360 article on important issues . . .

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Trial Court Jury Instructions in Koken Case

/ 02.Dec, 2014

Very significant common pleas level case that addresses the issues that are so problematic in these cases. Interesting discussion about the payment of medical bills . . .

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New York Ruling on Requirement to Take Appeal Before Commencing Legal Malpractice Action

/ 05.Nov, 2014

The New York Court of Appeals (the state Supreme Court equivalent), issued a unanimous ruling last week in Grace v. Law, that a failure to appeal . . .

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Legal Intelligencer Article on Engagement Letters

/ 31.Oct, 2014

Swartz Campbell partner, Josh J.T. Byrne, Esquire, published an article in the Legal Intelligencer on the importance of good engagement letters.

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“Belief” doesn’t cut it in asbestos cases

/ 27.Oct, 2014

The PA Superior Court issued its opinion today in Krauss v. Trane US, Inc., et al. in which the court upheld summary judgment for multiple . . .

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Just Don’t Do It

/ 17.Oct, 2014

We have said it again, and again, and again, but apparently even a (the) justice(s) on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court do not understand.  TREAT EVERYTHING . . .

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Preliminary Objections Granted in Wrongful Use of Civil Proceedings Action

/ 30.Sep, 2014

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Patricia McInerney sustained the preliminary objections of defendants Michael Trachtman, Esquire, Benjamin Anderson, Esquire, Powell Trachtman Logan Carrle & . . .

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Another Philadelphia Judge with Federal Corruption Charges

/ 24.Sep, 2014

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge, Joseph C. Waters, Jr., will plead guilty to wire fraud and mail fraud.  Waters, who resigned yesterday, . . .

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Making the Nightmare Worse

/ 09.Sep, 2014

A legal malpractice action is a nightmare.  The nightmare can be exacerbated by a denial of insurance coverage.  Attorneys should be careful not to take actions which . . .

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