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Summary Judgment in Pennsylvania Legal Malpractice Action Reversed

/ 12.Jun, 2014

In the case of Sokolsky v. Eidelman, 2014 PA Super 117, Janice Sokolsky asserted attorney Edward Eidelman did not pursue a medical malpractice action on . . .

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New Jersey Continues to Muddy the Waters on Legal Malpractice in Criminal Defense Cases

/ 03.Jun, 2014

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Bailey v. Tucker, 533 Pa. 237, 621 A.2d 108 (1993). set the standard for professional liability claims against lawyers sued . . .

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Lawyer Disbarred for Role in Concealing Ponzi Scheme

/ 20.May, 2014

In 2008, New Jersey attorney Matthew A. Marino, pleaded guilty for his role in concealing a Ponzi scheme from investors in the Bayou Group hedge . . .

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No Attorney Liability Under Section 406 of the Loan Interest and Protection Act (“Act 6”)

/ 09.May, 2014

Recently, the Superior Court in Glover v. Udren Law Offices, P.C., was faced with claims against an attorney arising out of section 406 of Act . . .

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Attorney Accused of Slip-and-fall Scheme Commits Suicide

/ 24.Apr, 2014

Center city Philadelphia attorney Andrew H. Gaber committed suicide last week after being accused of running an insurance fraud scheme involving staged slip-and-fall accidents. Forty-six . . .

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Ethics Attorney Disbarred

/ 14.Apr, 2014

A Houston attorney with a practice concentrating on ethics complaints and licensing issues for lawyers and doctors has been disbarred.  Robert S. Bennett of Houston . . .

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Hiding the Ball Can Lead to a Time Out

/ 07.Apr, 2014

Attorneys owe a duty to assist their clients, but overzealous representation often leads to discipline.  The news is replete with stories of attorneys facing discipline . . .

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Justice Baer Calls for Harsher Discipline for Repeat Offenders

/ 03.Apr, 2014

On Monday, the Supreme Court adopted the recommendation of the Disciplinary Board, and suspended attorney Thomas Russel Quinn of Philadelphia for a period of one . . .

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Overbilling and Theft of Client Funds Leads to Guilty Plea for Former Spector Gadon Associate

/ 20.Mar, 2014

In December 2012, Gomer Thomas Williams, a former Spector Gadon & Rosen associate, was disbarred on consent.  In late January, he was indicted on a . . .

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Footnote on Dewey & LeBoeuf Debacle

/ 14.Mar, 2014

Last week we posted about the indictments arising out of the disintegration of Dewey & LeBoeuf.  The New York Times just ran a very interesting . . .

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