Treating Everything Put on the Internet as if It Could be Blown Up as an Exhibit

/ 01.Nov, 2011

In Zimmerman v. Weis Markets,  Judge Saylor of the Northumberland County Court of Common Pleas ordered plaintiff to reveal passwords to his MySpace and Facebook accounts. . . .

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Deadly Errors

/ 26.Oct, 2011

An interesting article in the Philadelphia Inquirer finds that nearly one third of the death penalty convictions in Pennsylvania have been reversed or sent back . . .

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More Quick Tips

/ 20.Oct, 2011

Know what’s happening in your office A filing is not filed until you see the stamp or electronic confirmation I gave it to the paralegal/secretary . . .

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Top Types of Legal Malpractice Errors

/ 11.Oct, 2011

Here is a nice chart showing the top types of errors made by attorneys in Philadelphia (Thanks to Westport/SwissRe for the chart): Top Types of . . .

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Professional negligence that could cost a life

/ 10.Oct, 2011

Doctors regularly face the most severe consequence in malpractice situations.  A doctor’s malpractice can kill a patient.  For most lawyers, the consequences of legal malpractice . . .

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Pennsylvania Professional Liability- Key Case

/ 20.Sep, 2011

There are several “key” cases in Pennsylvania legal malpractice cases, but none are more important than Kituskie v. Corbman, 552 Pa. 275, 714 A.2d 1027, . . .

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/ 02.Sep, 2011

The website published an amusing article today about Delaware attorneys being reminded of their duty to be civilized.  The Judge is not the first . . .

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Gaming the System

/ 24.Aug, 2011

Many legal malpractice actions arise out of underlying problems attorneys have that are unrelated to the legal matters they are handling.  According to various studies, . . .

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Be Careful What You Promise

/ 19.Aug, 2011

Managing client expectations is one of the foremost weapons in an attorney’s malpractice avoidance arsenal.  Clients who know what is coming are much less likely . . .

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Coming to America

/ 16.Aug, 2011

We have blogged before about internet scams addressed to attorneys.  On Friday, Nigeria’s anti-graft agency announced the extradition of Emmanuel Ekhator to the United States. . . .

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