Ex-Justice of the Peace Accused of Shooting Prosecutors

/ 17.Apr, 2013
The news last month that a Texas district attorney and his wife had been assassinated was sufficiently frightening in and of itself, especially when coupled with the assassination of the prosecutor’s deputy two months previously.  However, in what can only be described as a bizarre turn of events, it appears that Dist. Atty. Mike McLelland and his wife may have been killed by a Justice of the Peace who had lost his position due to a prosecution by Mr. McLelland.  Eric Lyle Williams is in custody, and his wife, Kim Lene Williams has been charged with capital murder.  Mr. Williams has not yet been charged with murder, but was in custody due to an alleged threatening e-mail he apparently sent.  Mr. McLelland, and his deputy Mark E.  Hasse, who was murdered in January, were  the prosecutors who pursued a case against Mr. Williams last year in which he was accused of stealing computer monitors from a county office building.  Mr. Williams was removed from office and his law license was suspended.  We have previously blogged on what appears to be an increase in courthouse violence throughout the country. -Josh J.T. Byrne, Esquire