More Courthouse Violence

/ 12.Feb, 2013

We recently wrote about an Arizona attorney shot by a litigant following a mediation session.  Yesterday’s news brings the fact of violence in the courthouse closer to home.  Yesterday morning, as the New Castle County Courthouse in Delaware opened, a gunman opened fire as a result of a dispute apparently related to a child-custody matter.  The shooter and two women were left dead.  Two members of the Delaware Capital Police were also injured in the gunfire.  It is a truism that we deal with people with inflamed passions everyday in our business.  When those people are armed, our business can become dangerous.

Josh J.T. Byrne, Esquire Update:  It appears the shooter was Thomas Matusiewicz, the father in law of victim Christine Belford.  Thomas Matusiewicz’s son, David, was sentenced to four years in prison for kidnapping the couple’s children and taking them through Central America in 2007.