More lawyers getting in trouble

/ 09.Dec, 2011
We have blogged before about lawyers and Ponzi schemes.  The New Jersey State Supreme Court on Wednesday suspended the license of attorney Michael Kwasnik who has been charged with stealing $1.1 million from an elderly client in Cherry Hill (he has not yet been suspended in Pennsylvania), and is being investigated with respect to an $8.5 million Ponzi scheme.  Mr. Kwasnik was arrested in Alabama last month, with a passport and maps, after being turned in by a taxi driver who thought he was acting suspiciously. In September 2009, Mr. Kwasnik was  added as a defendant to a lawsuit brought by the FTC involving home loan modifications, and ethics charges have been pending in New Jersey since December 2008.  The Philadelphia Inquirer has put together a good series of articles on Mr. Kwasnik.  If Mr. Kwasnik is convicted, he will certainly face disciplinary proceedings under Rule 8.4 of the Rules of Professional Conduct. –Josh J.T. Byrne, Esquire (H.T. BCB)