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Richard D. Harburg

/ 03.Apr, 2011
Swartz Campbell LLC is sad to note the passing of Richard D. Harburg, a former Managing Partner of the firm. Dick Harburg, a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Harvard University School of Law, joined Swartz Campbell LLC in 1958. He soon specialized in workers’ compensation matters and became the pre-eminent practitioner in this area of the law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Clients often looked to Dick to handle difficult claims and to handle cases of first impression in the appellate courts. He was a skilled litigator and an excellent appellate court advocate. At the same time, Dick served as a mentor to several generations of attorneys at the firm. In addition to his extensive knowledge of the law, Dick was also a literary scholar, with demonstrated expertise in the literature of Shakespeare, Proust and Joyce. The entire Swartz Campbell family is saddened by the passing of Richard D. Harburg. He will be missed.