Because "Bubba the Love Sponge Clem" Isn’t Strange Enough

/ 05.Feb, 2013

Your standard defamation case against a morning disc jockey case recently took a turn for the very weird.  Todd “MJ” Schnitt a Tampa area D.J., . . .

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Ethical Issues Regarding Letters of Protection

/ 23.Oct, 2012

Here is an interesting opinion piece from the Hanford, California Sentinel regarding the enforcement of letters of protection (promises by attorneys to pay clients’ doctors’ . . .

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Dewey Dismal System- Implosion

/ 03.May, 2012

One of the largest law firms in New York City appears to be imploding.  Dewey & LeBoeuf partners have been encouraged to look for work elsewhere, . . .

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Interesting Effects of a Controversial Law

/ 02.Nov, 2011

While not relevant to most attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the recent controversial immigration law in Alabama raises a very interesting question regarding the . . .

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