Legal Intelligencer Article on Engagement Letters

/ 31.Oct, 2014

Swartz Campbell partner, Josh J.T. Byrne, Esquire, published an article in the Legal Intelligencer on the importance of good engagement letters.

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Just Don’t Do It

/ 17.Oct, 2014

We have said it again, and again, and again, but apparently even a (the) justice(s) on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court do not understand.  TREAT EVERYTHING . . .

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Continuing Increase in Large Legal Malpractice Claims

/ 15.Jul, 2014

Insurance broker Ames & Gough has released its fourth annual survey of lawyers’ professional liability claims.  The insurance companies reported the number of claims has . . .

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Summary Judgment in Pennsylvania Legal Malpractice Action Reversed

/ 12.Jun, 2014

In the case of Sokolsky v. Eidelman, 2014 PA Super 117, Janice Sokolsky asserted attorney Edward Eidelman did not pursue a medical malpractice action on her . . .

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Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct Amended

/ 01.Nov, 2013

On October 22, 2013, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ordered the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct be amended effective in 30 days.  The order adopted . . .

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Retired Bucks County Lawyer Indicted for Defrauding Estate of $1.7 Million

/ 23.Oct, 2013

Retired Bucks County attorney, Randolph Scott (no not that Randolph Scott), has been indicted on tax and identity theft charges.  The indictment charges Scott with . . .

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The Ramifications of a Fraudulent Claim

/ 11.Oct, 2013

For years, Robert Peirce & Associates brought thousands of asbestos claims against CSX Transportation, Inc.  Then, CSX turned the tables.  Beginning in 2005, CSX alleged . . .

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Resources from the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Bar Associations’ New Endorsed Carrier

/ 04.Apr, 2013

The Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Philadelphia Bar Association have recently endorsed CNA as a professional liability insurance carrier.  CNA offers some useful legal malpractice . . .

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Legal Malpractice Avoidance

/ 07.Feb, 2013

We have previously written several posts about legal malpractice avoidance and best practices for lawyers.  Here is another nice concise “checklist” of legal malpractice avoidance . . .

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Deadlines the Harsh Reality of Legal Malpractice

/ 28.Jan, 2013

As we have previously written, calendaring issues are the number one cause of legal malpractice actions, and good calendaring habits are the single most effective malpractice . . .

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