Ex-Justice of the Peace Accused of Shooting Prosecutors

/ 17.Apr, 2013

The news last month that a Texas district attorney and his wife had been assassinated was sufficiently frightening in and of itself, especially when coupled . . .

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The ABA Journal Weighs in on Courthouse Violence

/ 15.Feb, 2013

The ABA Journal has an article on the issue of courthouse violence and threats to attorney safety which we have been writing about for the last . . .

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New Details Suggest Lawyer was Among the Targeted in Delaware Courthouse Shooting

/ 14.Feb, 2013

According to news reports, Thomas Matusiewicz, who shot his ex-daughter-in-law to death at the New Castle County Court in Wilmington on Monday, was carrying hand . . .

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More Courthouse Violence

/ 12.Feb, 2013

We recently wrote about an Arizona attorney shot by a litigant following a mediation session.  Yesterday’s news brings the fact of violence in the courthouse . . .

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