New Jersey Attorney Arrested for Practicing Without a License

/ 02.Apr, 2013

New Jersey attorney, Sergio Pastor, was arrested when he arrived at Kenilworth Municipal Court to represent a client in a dunk driving case.  Mr. Pastor, . . .

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The Romantic Alcoholic, Reality, and Disbarment

/ 28.Feb, 2013

Lawyers and alcohol have a long history together, both in fiction and real life.  From Dickens’ Sydney Carton to Paul Newman’s Frank Gavin, the literary . . .

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What are We Getting Disbarred for Now?

/ 19.Feb, 2013

Another installment of our occasional series on recent Pennsylvania attorney discipline.  On Valentine’s Day, the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania accepted the . . .

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Things You Probably Could Guess Would Make You Lose Your License (Late 2012 Edition)

/ 07.Dec, 2012

Beating your client with a baseball bat: West Virginia attorney, Joshua Robinson, lost his law license after beating his client David Gump with a baseball . . .

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Likely Disbarment for Cuban Cigar Smuggling

/ 16.Aug, 2012

The headline is (as is often the case) more sensational than the actual story.  Illinois attorney, Richard Stevens Connors, was convicted in 2002 of violating . . .

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