Legal Malpractice Avoidance

/ 07.Feb, 2013

We have previously written several posts about legal malpractice avoidance and best practices for lawyers.  Here is another nice concise “checklist” of legal malpractice avoidance . . .

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Legal Malpractice Based on Client Confidentiality

/ 10.Jan, 2013

McDermott, Will & Emery is facing a legal malpractice action alleging a formal partner passed on to his family members confidential information related to a . . .

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Legal Malpractice and the Penn State Scandal

/ 18.Dec, 2012

In connection with the Jerry Sandusky scandal, former Penn State Vice President, Gary Schultz, has been charged with perjury, failure to report suspected child abuse, . . .

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Legal Malpractice Arising Out of Political Scandal

/ 27.Nov, 2012

The Philadelphia Inquirer has published an update on the Bowman v. K & L Gates legal malpractice action.  The legal malpractice action arose out of . . .

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What a Mess!

/ 07.Aug, 2012

The Chicago law firm of Gardiner Koch Weisberg & Wrona, is suing their former clients Ken and Wendy Brown for breach of contract, fraud, breach . . .

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Another List of Good Habits

/ 20.Jul, 2012

Here is a nice excerpt from the ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct to add to our list of lists on legal malpractice avoidance.  This . . .

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Limited Scope Engagements

/ 11.Jul, 2012

We have previously written on the importance of defining who you represent and for what purposes you represent them.  There are situations in which an . . .

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Malpractice Issues in Business Transactions

/ 09.Jul, 2012

CNA recently released the results of a study of approximately one thousand closed legal malpractice cases arising out of business transactions.  Highlights of the study . . .

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