Superior Court Again Reaffirms Rule Against Legal Malpractice Cases Following Settlements

/ 01.Jun, 2015

In Silvagni v. Shorr, 2015 Pa. Super. 62 (Pa. Super. 2015), the Superior Court, in an opinion written by Judge Lazarus, affirmed the dismissal of a . . .

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New York Ruling on Requirement to Take Appeal Before Commencing Legal Malpractice Action

/ 05.Nov, 2014

The New York Court of Appeals (the state Supreme Court equivalent), issued a unanimous ruling last week in Grace v. Law, that a failure to appeal . . .

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New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division Upholds Summary Judgment in Legal Malpractice Action

/ 04.Sep, 2014

In Whisler v. Lundy Flitter Beldecos & Berger, a legal malpractice action arising out of an underlying construction defect action, Swartz Campbell attorney Josh J.T. . . .

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Summary Judgment in Pennsylvania Legal Malpractice Action Reversed

/ 12.Jun, 2014

In the case of Sokolsky v. Eidelman, 2014 PA Super 117, Janice Sokolsky asserted attorney Edward Eidelman did not pursue a medical malpractice action on her . . .

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$23.7 Million Settlement in Pennsylvania Legal Malpractice Lawsuit

/ 11.Feb, 2014

K & L Gates and attorney Sanford Ferguson entered into a $23.7 million settlement with bankruptcy trustee Mark Kirschner late last month.  The legal malpractice . . .

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Legal Malpractice

/ 09.Jan, 2014

Tippi Hedren, the actress best known for her part in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, recently had a nearly $1.5 legal malpractice verdict affirmed on appeal. . . .

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Assignment of Legal Malpractice Claims

/ 16.Dec, 2013

We previously noted the limited case law in Pennsylvania regarding the assignment of legal malpractice actions runs contrary to the national consensus on this subject. . . .

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Attorney Wins $5.75 Million Award In Legal Malpractice Claim, Based on Legal Malpractice Claim

/ 05.Dec, 2013

In November of 1998, Virginia based contracts attorney Bruce McLaughlin, was convicted of on eight counts of sexual abuse.  The claims of sexual abuse were . . .

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Denial of Professional Liability Coverage for Dishonesty

/ 29.Aug, 2013

A recent case out of the United States District Court for the District of Colorado found, pursuant to the policy’s dishonesty exception, a law firm’s . . .

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Recession Leads to Rise in Legal Malpractice Claims

/ 24.Jun, 2013

Legal malpractice insurance broker, Ames & Gough, reports an increase in legal malpractice claims, including an increase in claims of more than $50 million.  The . . .

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