Legal Malpractice Claim Against Blank Rome

/ 30.May, 2013

Kristina Armstrong, the ex-wife of Morgan Stanley executive Michael Armstrong, has sued Blank Rome, and two of its attorneys.  Ms. Armstrong claims the Blank Rome . . .

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Some General Materials on Legal Malpractice

/ 19.Apr, 2013

We have previously shared a number of web resources on legal malpractice avoidance.  The following are some readily available web resources on legal malpractice in . . .

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Appeal Seeks to Broaden Scope of Who Can Sue Attorneys

/ 14.Mar, 2013

The Blog of LegalTimes reports on oral arguments in a legal malpractice action by Boston-Maine Airways Corp. against Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton.  Summary judgment . . .

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The Superior Court’s Most Recent Legal Malpractice Ruling

/ 07.Mar, 2013

On February 19, 2013, the Superior Court issued an opinion in O’Kelly v. Dawson, 421 WDA 2012.  Superior Court’s opinion by Judge Wecht upheld a . . .

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Does an Excess Carrier Have Standing to Sue a Defense Counsel?

/ 26.Feb, 2013

Claims Journal has a nice roundup of cases on whether a defense counsel retained by a primary insurer has an actionable attorney-client relationship with an . . .

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Gunn v. Minton Decided- Supreme Court Says Legal Malpractice Belongs in State Courts

/ 21.Feb, 2013

We have been following the progress of Gunn v. Minton as it moved through the courts.  The Supreme Court of the United States has now . . .

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Deadlines the Harsh Reality of Legal Malpractice

/ 28.Jan, 2013

As we have previously written, calendaring issues are the number one cause of legal malpractice actions, and good calendaring habits are the single most effective malpractice . . .

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Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Legal Malpractice Action

/ 18.Jan, 2013

The United States Supreme Court heard oral argument (transcript here) this week on what is probably the most significant legal malpractice case it has considered . . .

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Legal Malpractice Based on Client Confidentiality

/ 10.Jan, 2013

McDermott, Will & Emery is facing a legal malpractice action alleging a formal partner passed on to his family members confidential information related to a . . .

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Supreme Court of Kentucky Repudiates the Impact Rule for Recovery of Emotional Distress Damages

/ 07.Jan, 2013

The “Impact Rule” has long been the standard plaintiffs must meet to recover emotional distress damages in a number of states (including Pennsylvania, with exceptions). . . .

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