Swartz Campbell Partners Achieve Defense Jury Verdict for Doctors

/ 01.May, 2015

Swartz Campbell partners, Jeffrey McCarron and Josh Byrne, successfully defended their physician clients in a medical malpractice death case.  Following trial, the Philadelphia jury found . . .

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Summary Judgment in Pennsylvania Legal Malpractice Action Reversed

/ 12.Jun, 2014

In the case of Sokolsky v. Eidelman, 2014 PA Super 117, Janice Sokolsky asserted attorney Edward Eidelman did not pursue a medical malpractice action on her . . .

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New Pennsylvania Law Limits Admissibility of Apologies by Doctors

/ 13.Nov, 2013

The Pennsylvania legislature unanimously voted to approve, and Governor Tom Corbett signed into law, an act designed to allow medical professionals to apologize to patients . . .

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A blow to pretreatment ADR agreements signed by parents

/ 21.Aug, 2012

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Allan Tereshko has rejected a hospital’s argument that a plaintiff gave up her right to a jury trial due . . .

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Healthcare Reforms Going Into Effect

/ 02.Aug, 2012

Under the affordable care act, a number of notable healthcare reforms went into effect yesterday.  Notably, a number of women’s preventative services are now required . . .

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Hospitals Without Insurance

/ 17.Jul, 2012

The New York Times has published an interesting article on troubled hospitals in New York which are not maintaining medical malpractice insurance.  The article (and . . .

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Revisit the “Error in Judgment” Defense

/ 30.May, 2012

Last year, in Passarelo v. Grumbine, a three judge panel of the Superior Court retroactively applied the 2009 ruling in Pringle v. Rapaport, which banned the . . .

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Good News on Medical Malpractice Actions

/ 09.Jun, 2011

The annual report on medical malpractice filings from the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts shows that the number of cases filed statewide has reduced for . . .

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