The Ramifications of a Fraudulent Claim

/ 11.Oct, 2013

For years, Robert Peirce & Associates brought thousands of asbestos claims against CSX Transportation, Inc.  Then, CSX turned the tables.  Beginning in 2005, CSX alleged . . .

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Moving from suspension to disbarment

/ 24.Jul, 2013

On June 19, 2013, William E. Buchko of Beaver County was disbarred retroactive to August 2, 2011.  On November 8, 2010, Mr. Buchko entered a . . .

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What Does "Substantially Related" Mean For Purposes of RPC 1.9(a)

/ 22.Jan, 2013

Rule 1.9 (both in the Pennsylvania and Model Rules), reads: “(a) A lawyer who has formerly represented a client in a matter shall not thereafter . . .

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Former Delaware County Prosecutor Sentenced

/ 20.Dec, 2012

Michael Donohue, a former Delaware County prosecutor, who was found guilty of a hit-and-run on a teenager in November 2011, has been sentenced to 4 . . .

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Legal Malpractice Arising Out of Political Scandal

/ 27.Nov, 2012

The Philadelphia Inquirer has published an update on the Bowman v. K & L Gates legal malpractice action.  The legal malpractice action arose out of . . .

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The Difference Between Zealous and Zealot

/ 25.Sep, 2012

Lawyers have an obligation to zealously represent their clients.  The preamble to the Rules of Professional Conduct specifically states “[a]s advocate, a lawyer zealously asserts . . .

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Recent Changes in Reporting Misconduct

/ 12.Sep, 2012

Earlier this year, the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, amended the Rules of Professional Conduct (Rule 8.3), and the Rules of Disciplinary . . .

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Ethics Opinion on Cloud Computing

/ 09.May, 2012

The issue of cloud computing, the storing and sharing of data on/with remote servers, has been a hot topic in attorney ethics circles recently.  The . . .

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Former Cozen Associate Suspended for 30 Months

/ 11.Apr, 2012

Matthew Francis Henry, a former Cozen O’Connor associate, has been suspended from practicing for 30 months by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for extravagant false billings . . .

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Pennsylvania Lawyer Suspended for Failing to Act Promptly as his Partner Stole Funds from Clients

/ 26.Mar, 2012

Last month, Pennsylvania attorney Lawrence Rubin was suspended for practicing for one year for failure to act promptly when faced with suspicious behavior relating to . . .

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