Lawyer’s Involvement in Ponzi Schemes

/ 02.Oct, 2013

We have written before on our observation that nearly every Ponzi scheme seems to involve an attorney at one level or another.  Following a three . . .

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Attorneys and Ponzi Schemes- International Edition

/ 20.Mar, 2013

We have chronicled the ubiquitous nature of attorney involvement in Ponzi schemes.   However, the Ponzi/Attorney connection is not a phenomenon unique to slick Florida lawyers . . .

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Another Ponzi Scheme, Another Allegation Against Lawyers

/ 15.Jan, 2013

As we have previously written, multiple times, there are few, if any, Ponzi schemes which do not involve an attorney at some level or another. . . .

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The Difference Between Zealous and Zealot

/ 25.Sep, 2012

Lawyers have an obligation to zealously represent their clients.  The preamble to the Rules of Professional Conduct specifically states “[a]s advocate, a lawyer zealously asserts . . .

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Arrest in Luzerne County Ponzi Case

/ 02.Apr, 2012

We have previously discussed the frequent involvement of lawyers in Ponzi schemes.  A 77-year-old Pennsylvania lawyer is now facing federal counts for allegations of a Ponzi . . .

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Another Ponzi, Another Lawyer

/ 22.Feb, 2012

We have previously remarked that nearly every Ponzi scheme seems to have a lawyers involved on one level or another.  This view was reaffirmed this . . .

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