The Ramifications of a Fraudulent Claim

/ 11.Oct, 2013

For years, Robert Peirce & Associates brought thousands of asbestos claims against CSX Transportation, Inc.  Then, CSX turned the tables.  Beginning in 2005, CSX alleged . . .

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Resources from the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Bar Associations’ New Endorsed Carrier

/ 04.Apr, 2013

The Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Philadelphia Bar Association have recently endorsed CNA as a professional liability insurance carrier.  CNA offers some useful legal malpractice . . .

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The Superior Court’s Most Recent Legal Malpractice Ruling

/ 07.Mar, 2013

On February 19, 2013, the Superior Court issued an opinion in O’Kelly v. Dawson, 421 WDA 2012.  Superior Court’s opinion by Judge Wecht upheld a . . .

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Deadlines the Harsh Reality of Legal Malpractice

/ 28.Jan, 2013

As we have previously written, calendaring issues are the number one cause of legal malpractice actions, and good calendaring habits are the single most effective malpractice . . .

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Extends Corporate Negligence to Nursing Homes

/ 04.Dec, 2012

A unanimous Pennsylvania Supreme Court has affirmed the extension of the corporate negligence doctrine beyond hospitals to nursing homes.   Nearly a full year after it was . . .

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What a Mess!

/ 07.Aug, 2012

The Chicago law firm of Gardiner Koch Weisberg & Wrona, is suing their former clients Ken and Wendy Brown for breach of contract, fraud, breach . . .

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Another List of Good Habits

/ 20.Jul, 2012

Here is a nice excerpt from the ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct to add to our list of lists on legal malpractice avoidance.  This . . .

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Counsel’s Failure to Discover Errors in Production Results in Waiver of Privilege

/ 13.Jun, 2012

On May 30, 2012, the New Jersey district court found that a waiver of privilege had occurred after defense counsel inadvertently disclosed privileged documents in . . .

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Ethics Opinion on Cloud Computing

/ 09.May, 2012

The issue of cloud computing, the storing and sharing of data on/with remote servers, has been a hot topic in attorney ethics circles recently.  The . . .

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An important rule

/ 08.May, 2012

The Rules of Professional Conduct, as our courts have repeatedly held, cannot form the basis for a professional liability action, but they can be a good . . .

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