Overbilling and Theft of Client Funds Leads to Guilty Plea for Former Spector Gadon Associate

/ 20.Mar, 2014

In December 2012, Gomer Thomas Williams, a former Spector Gadon & Rosen associate, was disbarred on consent.  In late January, he was indicted on a . . .

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Five Year Suspension for Accusations of Judicial Misconduct

/ 05.Nov, 2013

Donald A. Bailey, a former US Congressman, and Auditor General of Pennsylvania, has been suspended from the practice of law for five years.  According to . . .

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New York Lawyers Suspended for Advising Client to Change Story

/ 22.May, 2013

New York attorneys Shane Rios and Daniel Levy have been suspended from the practice of law for nine months.   Mr. Rios and Mr. Levy . . .

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Because "Bubba the Love Sponge Clem" Isn’t Strange Enough

/ 05.Feb, 2013

Your standard defamation case against a morning disc jockey case recently took a turn for the very weird.  Todd “MJ” Schnitt a Tampa area D.J., . . .

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Alternative Dispute Resolution?

/ 25.Jan, 2013

A West Virginia attorney was arrested on Tuesday after beating another attorney on his head and face in the Marion County Courthouse.  Stephen Sean Murphy, . . .

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Attorney pleads guilty to theft of $10,000,000 of client funds

/ 04.Oct, 2012

Theft of client funds is a sure way to get into legal hot water.  We have written before about lawyers who stole from clients, employers, . . .

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Former Cozen Associate Suspended for 30 Months

/ 11.Apr, 2012

Matthew Francis Henry, a former Cozen O’Connor associate, has been suspended from practicing for 30 months by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for extravagant false billings . . .

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Pennsylvania Lawyer Suspended for Failing to Act Promptly as his Partner Stole Funds from Clients

/ 26.Mar, 2012

Last month, Pennsylvania attorney Lawrence Rubin was suspended for practicing for one year for failure to act promptly when faced with suspicious behavior relating to . . .

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Additional Charges Against Attorney Kwasnik

/ 25.Jan, 2012

We have previously written about attorney Michael Kwasnik’s legal troubles.  Mr. Kwasnik is facing charges that he stole over $1 million from clients.  The total amount . . .

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More lawyers getting in trouble

/ 09.Dec, 2011

We have blogged before about lawyers and Ponzi schemes.  The New Jersey State Supreme Court on Wednesday suspended the license of attorney Michael Kwasnik who . . .

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