Article Describes Plight of Sanctioned Attorney

/ 26.Jan, 2015

An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer describes the plight of sanctioned attorney Nancy Raynor.  The article notes the sanctions are unlike anything Swartz Campbell partner . . .

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Swartz Campbell Partner Achieves Stay of Execution for Sanctioned Attorney

/ 16.Jan, 2015

Swartz Campbell partner, Jeff McCarron, Esquire, obtained a temporary stay of execution proceedings against attorney Nancy Raynor for sanctions imposed against Ms. Raynor arising out of the . . .

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Law Firm Labeled "Porno Trolling Collective"

/ 09.May, 2013

Los Angeles based United States District Judge Otis D. Wright, II, has issued an order assessing $81,320 in legal fees against Prenda Law, Inc., four . . .

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