Who can sue a defense lawyer?

/ 18.Apr, 2011

In these tight financial times, insurance companies continue to look for ways to recoup their losses.  Legal malpractice claims based upon equitable subrogation or assignments . . .

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Q: Is it a good idea to use client information to make yourself rich? A: No.

/ 07.Apr, 2011

Lawyers receive lots of information from their clients.  Some lawyers receive more valuable information in client communications than others.  A simple rule of malpractice avoidance is to . . .

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When is an Action Terminated for Purposes of the Dragonetti Act

/ 16.Mar, 2011

When is an Action Terminated For Purposes of the Dragonetti Act             For lawyers in Pennsylvania, the Dragonetti Act (the codification of the common law . . .

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When a Bad Certificate of Merit Situation Gets Worse

/ 01.Jun, 2010

Josh J.T. Byrne, Esquire By now all Pennsylvania attorneys should be aware of the certificate of merit requirement in any action based upon an allegation . . .

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