Supreme Court of Kentucky Repudiates the Impact Rule for Recovery of Emotional Distress Damages

/ 07.Jan, 2013

The “Impact Rule” has long been the standard plaintiffs must meet to recover emotional distress damages in a number of states (including Pennsylvania, with exceptions). . . .

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Decisions Allowing Excess Carriers’ Legal Malpractice Claims Against Defense Attorneys Upheld (to some degree)

/ 26.Dec, 2012

Last year we noted a Mississippi Court of Appeals decision which permitted an excess insurance carrier to bring a legal malpractice action against its insureds’ . . .

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Immigration Attorneys Arrested (Again)

/ 21.Dec, 2012

Immigration is not an area that sees high levels of legal malpractice claims (possibly because badly served clients are generally not in the country anymore), . . .

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Former Delaware County Prosecutor Sentenced

/ 20.Dec, 2012

Michael Donohue, a former Delaware County prosecutor, who was found guilty of a hit-and-run on a teenager in November 2011, has been sentenced to 4 . . .

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Legal Malpractice and the Penn State Scandal

/ 18.Dec, 2012

In connection with the Jerry Sandusky scandal, former Penn State Vice President, Gary Schultz, has been charged with perjury, failure to report suspected child abuse, . . .

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Pennsylvania Lawyers Fund for Client Security

/ 12.Dec, 2012

Every year Pennsylvania lawyers are asked (required) to pay money into the Pennsylvania Lawyers Fund for Client Security.  For the most part, lawyers pay this . . .

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Things You Probably Could Guess Would Make You Lose Your License (Late 2012 Edition)

/ 07.Dec, 2012

Beating your client with a baseball bat: West Virginia attorney, Joshua Robinson, lost his law license after beating his client David Gump with a baseball . . .

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Extends Corporate Negligence to Nursing Homes

/ 04.Dec, 2012

A unanimous Pennsylvania Supreme Court has affirmed the extension of the corporate negligence doctrine beyond hospitals to nursing homes.   Nearly a full year after it was . . .

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Doctor Charged In Pill Mill Death

/ 29.Nov, 2012

A Montgomery County Doctor has been charged in connection with the death of an individual who received oxycodone pills from him without a legitimate medical . . .

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Legal Malpractice Arising Out of Political Scandal

/ 27.Nov, 2012

The Philadelphia Inquirer has published an update on the Bowman v. K & L Gates legal malpractice action.  The legal malpractice action arose out of . . .

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