Legal Malpractice Avoidance

/ 07.Feb, 2013

We have previously written several posts about legal malpractice avoidance and best practices for lawyers.  Here is another nice concise “checklist” of legal malpractice avoidance tips.  One note about this list- it suggests non-engagement/disengagement letters should be sent certified mail, return receipt requested, while this is a good idea, I would additionally recommend e-mail and/or fax as methods which can create more (and instantaneous) proof of delivery.  I am a very big proponent of faxing important documents when feasible because of the instantaneous proof of delivery.  You can read our previous post on disengagement/non-engagement letters here.  I also quite like the list of reasons not to accept representation given this article.  Carefully screening potential clients is certainly among the best practices for malpractice avoidance.

-Josh J.T. Byrne, Esquire