New Jersey Attorney Arrested for Practicing Without a License

/ 02.Apr, 2013
New Jersey attorney, Sergio Pastor, was arrested when he arrived at Kenilworth Municipal Court to represent a client in a dunk driving case.  Mr. Pastor, has been suspended from the practice of law since last August due to his non-cooperation with a disciplinary investigation.  Mr. Pastor was charged with fourth-degree unauthorized practice of law.  Disbarment for the unauthorized practice of law after a suspension occurs frequently, arrests are much more rare.  However, one of our favorite headlines of all time is “Practicing law gets Houston’s Perry Mason arrested,” a 2009 article about a gentleman from Houston going by the name Perry Mason, who was arrested for the unauthorized practice of law.  The unauthorized practice of law after a suspension or disbarment is a serious issue.  An excellent article on the acceptable parameters of legal activity for disbarred or suspended lawyers can be found here. -Josh J.T. Byrne, Esquire