Appellate Advocacy

Swartz Campbell has established an Appellate Advocacy practice group. This group handles matters on appeal in both the Federal and State and Appellate Courts. The attorneys in the Appellate Advocacy group are recognized as being leading practitioners in their field. The attorneys at Swartz Campbell continue to handle many important matters, as well as matters of first impression, before the Appellate Courts.

The Appellate Advocacy group is designed to maximize the skills of its attorneys in order to secure the best result available before the Appellate Courts. The attorneys heading the Appellate Advocacy group each have over 25 years of experience handling appellate matters. These attorneys have handled well over 100 matters on appeal. Oftentimes, Swartz Campbell attorneys are requested to take over matters on appeal in order to secure a favourable result for the client. The attorneys in the Appellate Advocacy group are skilled in both preparing written Briefs, as well as in oral advocacy before the Appellate Courts.

In addition to handling matters before the Appellate Courts, the attorneys at Swartz Campbell also serve on Court committees. As a result, the attorneys in the Appellate Advocacy group are well skilled in the intricacies of appellate practice. Jeffrey B. McCarron, Esquire, who co-chairs the Appellate Advocacy group also, has extensive practice in the Appellate Courts in fashioning successful arguments on appeal.



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