Products Liability

Swartz Campbell is a leader in products liability counselling and defense. The attorneys in the practice group have extensive experience in defending and managing all aspects of products liability. Swartz Campbell has also amassed invaluable trial experience in federal and state courts around the country. To each case, Swartz Campbell attorneys bring a wealth of experience, a keen understanding of the multi-faceted issues confronted by manufacturers, and the skills and knowledge to convey companies’ scientific and medical defense to juries. The lawyers in the products liability group have decades of experience in the field, reflecting the entire array of complex legal challenges faced by manufacturers operating in the United States and in global markets.

Swartz Campbell defends and advises companies in connection with class actions, multi-district litigation, and claims for disgorgement of profits, and actions by health insurers and governmental entities to recover medical expenses. Representation is provided to companies in a broad range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, tobacco, cosmetics, and distilled spirits. Clients include manufacturers as well as parent holding companies. The knowledge and understanding of the practice group encompasses diverse scientific and medical fields. Swartz Campbell has a wealth of experience in working with consultants and expert witnesses to ensure that complicated scientific, technological, and medical information is conveyed in a manner that is understandable to judges and juries. Swartz Campbell is aggressive and resourceful not only in presenting our clients’ defense, but also in challenging the legal and scientific bases for plaintiffs’ claims.


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