Swartz Campbell LLC has handled construction litigation throughout the eastern region of the country. The construction group has handled cases involving delay and disruption, architect and engineering malpractice, construction defects, water and fire loss and personal injury. These cases often involve millions of documents, production and identification of electronic discovery and multiple depositions. Our lawyers are experienced with the process. This experience allows us to obtain and organize the information with minimal disruption to the client. We understand that business must still go forward and will do our utmost to make certain that key personnel are present at the jobsite when needed.

The construction group at Swartz Campbell LLC has handled numerous large and complex matters including a 62 million dollar claim in Orlando, Florida for both contractual and non-contractual delay and disruption resulting from the construction of a major cement plant. We have also handled a 220 million dollar claim in Pennsylvania for breach of warranty and defective construction of energy-producing components. In addition, we have handled multiple claims involving commercial construction including casino construction, golf course development, multi-dwelling units, apartment buildings and residential construction.

Construction sites can sometimes be a dangerous place. Unfortunately, serious injury and death can sometimes occur with resulting lawsuits. Swartz Campbell LLC has handled numerous catastrophic injury and death claims at construction worksites. These cases often involve OSHA investigations, site safety policy and site control. Our experience has shown us that once these accidents occur, it is often too late to correct deficiencies. Our recent focus has been to work with construction companies to recognize risk and attempt to limit these claims before they occur. In that regard, we have helped to develop safety training and manuals. We have also been asked to provide safety training to senior management. In addition, we have assisted with insurance issues and risk avoidance.

We understand how expensive and time consuming the litigation process can be to your business. When appropriate, we have successfully utilized mediation and arbitration to avoid elongated and costly trials. We do understand, however, that trial is sometimes necessary. We have the resources to properly organize the information associated with these claims, prepare our witnesses and obtain the appropriate experts to help you obtain the best possible result.



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