Preliminary Objections Granted on The Basis of Underlying Settlement

/ 20.Apr, 2011

Jeff McCarron and Danielle Graham of the Professional Liability group recently obtained a favorable result for a client in a legal malpractice action the Court of Common Pleas . . .

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Who can sue a defense lawyer?

/ 18.Apr, 2011

In these tight financial times, insurance companies continue to look for ways to recoup their losses.  Legal malpractice claims based upon equitable subrogation or assignments . . .

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Requiring Impropriety

/ 11.Apr, 2011

There has been a longstanding debate over an ambiguity in Pennsylvania’s Wrongful Use of Civil Proceedings Statute, 42 Pa.C.S.A. § 8351.  Section 8351 provides: (a)       A . . .

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Q: Is it a good idea to use client information to make yourself rich? A: No.

/ 07.Apr, 2011

Lawyers receive lots of information from their clients.  Some lawyers receive more valuable information in client communications than others.  A simple rule of malpractice avoidance is to . . .

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The age of innocence

/ 25.Mar, 2011

The New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division, has added a new wrinkle to its evolving case law on the importance of innocence in a legal . . .

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Don’t forget to file your post-trial motions!

/ 22.Mar, 2011

The Pennsylvania Superior Court has just quashed an appeal of an $18,489,221.60 (and counting) verdict entered against Safeway, Inc., as the successor of Genuardi’s Family Markets, . . .

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When is an Action Terminated for Purposes of the Dragonetti Act

/ 16.Mar, 2011

When is an Action Terminated For Purposes of the Dragonetti Act             For lawyers in Pennsylvania, the Dragonetti Act (the codification of the common law . . .

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Directed Verdict in Legal Malpractice Action

/ 08.Oct, 2010

On October 7, 2010, Jeff McCarron and Josh Byrne of the professional liability department received a directed verdict entered in favor of their client following . . .

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When a Bad Certificate of Merit Situation Gets Worse

/ 01.Jun, 2010

Josh J.T. Byrne, Esquire By now all Pennsylvania attorneys should be aware of the certificate of merit requirement in any action based upon an allegation . . .

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