Ethical Quandary for Insurance Defense Counsel

/ 16.May, 2011

The Philadelphia Bar Association publishes ethics opinions nearly every month.  The opinions are “advisory only” by the Professional Guidance Committee, and are not binding upon the . . .

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At the limits of their patience

/ 10.May, 2011

One of the best ways for attorneys to stay out of trouble with judges (which never hurts when looking to avoid malpractice) is to know . . .

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Malpractice Avoidance Quick Tip

/ 05.May, 2011

What is a good way to avoid professional liability?  Read the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPCs).  The RPCs, in and of themselves, explicitly cannot form the . . .

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Ponzi, Ponzi, everywhere

/ 03.May, 2011

One would think that with the prosecution of Bernie Madoff either investors or shysters would figure out that Ponzi schemes are a bad deal.  However, . . .

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More lawyers doing bad things

/ 28.Apr, 2011

Interesting article in the Philadelphia Inquirer today about the problem of attorneys stealing money from elderly clients.  The professional liability and attorney ethics implications of . . .

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It’s cold in here!

/ 26.Apr, 2011

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit recently upheld an injunction freezing most of an attorney’s assets in order to . . .

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Play Ball!

/ 26.Apr, 2011

Professional liability defense is not limited to the legal “arena” or the “courts” of law.  With the NBA and NHL playoffs in full swing, there . . .

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Preliminary Objections Granted on The Basis of Underlying Settlement

/ 20.Apr, 2011

Jeff McCarron and Danielle Graham of the Professional Liability group recently obtained a favorable result for a client in a legal malpractice action the Court of Common Pleas . . .

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One step ahead of the Ambulance Chaser

/ 19.Apr, 2011

Michael Wolf, a Montgomery County attorney, has been charged as part of a large insurance fraud scheme, in which a police officer would refer automobile accident victims . . .

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Who can sue a defense lawyer?

/ 18.Apr, 2011

In these tight financial times, insurance companies continue to look for ways to recoup their losses.  Legal malpractice claims based upon equitable subrogation or assignments . . .

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